Saturday, January 12, 2008


I am probably the only person in Hollywood who wants the strike to continue for at least a few more weeks. Ahh, don't try to put a curse on me or send me anthrax just yet - it's because I finally got a desk at the agency, and I'd like to get in and get comfortable before the strike ends and the phone rings off the hook and assistants get back to normal 13 hour days.

It's kind of a complicated story. Everyone keeps saying congratulations, which is kind of strange since no one else wanted the desk. I'm in the TV Lit dept, which I wanted, but the agent is kind of notorious for being tough and has gone through a lot of assistants lately. So I'm probably crazy for throwing myself into it. But it's a strike time and you have to take your opportunities where they come...and I have already put 3 months into the agency without getting desk experience so it was time to move up. I'm also going to make $100/week more (almost enough to pay all my bills!)

My new boss expects a year commitment. So I will be counting down to next January, when I can get the hell out and go roll calls for someone nice at a production company or studio.