Friday, December 14, 2007

Tis the season...

For rich executives to send other rich executives presents they don't want or need. And it is my job to lug around these giant gift baskets of beer, wine, cheese, cookies, candy, pies, etc. The one upside is that people often share them...and anything addressed to "staff" or people who no longer work here is fair game for all. I think I've gained 12 pounds this week.

For anyone who's into the Twilight Zone, my school is hosting the THE ROD SERLING CONFERENCE and SHORT FEATURE SCRIPTWRITING COMPETITION. The deadline is January 23, 2008 and top prize is $200. I doubt I'll be entering since I'm going to start work on a Weeds spec (I decided to put off Ugly Betty, for now at least), but if you're into "science fiction with social themes" you might want to enter.


m said...

I entered the last Serling thing and...nothing.

Try, try again...I just started a piece to submit for this one.

I just want to win or place in something with the Serling name on it.

That'd just be...neat-o.

SethJ said...

Hey. I've got a tv show concept and web page I'd like to run by you, but you don't post your email. You can hit me back at