Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rainy Christmas.

Greetings from the East Coast, where it is rainy and gross.

This is my favorite article about the effects of the strike: Strike-Stalled Agents Flip for Facebook: Hey, let's "poke" Nick Counter! I haven't really noticed this at all where I work; it seems that everybody is continuing to keep up the image that we all still have work to do. But since that image includes a Christmas bonus check, I'm cool with it.

I should use this holiday break to write a lot and read some scripts. So far it's not working all that well - and I was too lazy to print out more than two scripts. It's so much easier to eat a lot of foods that make you feel guilty and tell stories of your C-list celebrity sightings to people who are actually impressed by them. For instance, Tate Donovan (Jimmy Cooper on The OC...and I think he's on Damages now) was on my jetblue flight from Burbank to New York. He's aging, but was still attractive in his preppy-yet-casual jeans, collared shirt and grey sweater. I also was filling in at reception on Thursday when I asked Xzibit what his name was. Oops.

I recently caught up with a friend who's still in school and he said, "Oh, you're so LA. You're so industry." And so I've begun to compile a mental list:


1. You abbreviate "represent" to "rep," "reps," or "repped."
2. You've seen people do coke, and you no longer think it is odd.
3. You use the phrase "I have to go to a party."
4. You make yourself go out when you're tired because you never know when a good networking opportunity might present itself.
5. You have seriously considered plastic surgery.
6. You read the trades and DeadlineHollywoodDaily so often that when you go to the website or pick up the hard copy, there is nothing new for you to read.
6B. You have no idea what is going on with the war in Iraq, the presidential campaign or other "real" news.
7. You don't read books, you read scripts - and there are scripts in your car and on your coffee table.
8. (for assistants) You begin to answer your cell phone "________'s Office."
9. You have already decided what kind of car you will drive and where you will buy a giant house when you are rich.
10. You gossip about people around the office, knowing you can say whatever you want if you preface your opinion with "He's a nice guy, but..." or "I love the guy, but..."
11. In addition to having favorite movies and TV shows, you have favorite production companies, networks and studios.
11B. You would be more excited to run into JJ Abrams, Josh Schwartz or another producer than a famous actor or actress.
12. You no longer try to justify why you're drinking.
13. You have explained your job to a friend or relative by using characters on Entourage.

I'll post more when I think of them. :)