Sunday, November 25, 2007

What else?

Writers getting paid for internet work: it can happen. In fact, it already is happening for writers of Lost - check out this New York Times article.

What else? I have a friend who always asks "what else?" when we reach a lull in conversation. She's spending her post-collegiate life in some kind of social justice program on the Marshall Islands because she is infinitely cooler than I am. I don't have much of an answer to her question right now. I need to write some more. I took notes on Thursday's Ugly Betty so I can start an outline for a spec...fewer scenes than I had imagined. It seems fairly formulaic...but I'm having trouble thinking of good themes and ideas. I feel like everything I come up with either involves a guest character (something you're not supposed to feature in a non-procedural spec) or has been done before. Argh.

I caught up on a lot (but not all - don't spoil!) of season three of Weeds. I still enjoy it, but I found some of the plots annoying: Andy and the porn was out of nowhere, the Majestic/Agrestic city council stuff was boring and monotonous, and Mary Kate Olsen's character added very little...Silus falls for Girl #3 who doesn't care about him as much as he cares for her. Bleh. I wonder how much longer Weeds will be able to go on. I do enjoy everything with Conrad...

So now it's 3 am. What else? I should probably go to bed before my emo alter ego Emanda comes out.

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