Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Still Working.

Yesterday the agency's president had a meeting with everyone and said he had no plans to lay off anybody. Yay! We have many divisions that will be keeping up work as usual, and the others will just have to be mindful of spending money, but otherwise we should be fine. If the strike lasts for several months, that could change...but there's no reason to be worried right now. I feel reassured, especially since I do support everything the writers are asking for. I won't say more about the strike, because I don't have any authority, and because you can read about it in the trades or on the blogs. (I've added a few more blogs to the right...if you want strike lowdown, there are a lot of good arguments and info.)

Instead, I'll point to a non-strike news article:

Reveille, Ali, N network on Body Image - I'm actually not that concerned with the new show, Student Body, but I am intrigued by the fact that the N will become its own 24-hour channel next year. The expansion of cable networks has offered new venues for great shows like Mad Men, My Boys, etc. And the N, which aims at a pretty young audience, might just be the perfect place to sell my dramedy about college radio. :P Or ABC Family. Or the CW. I'm not really picky.

What else? I think I'm going to write an Ugly Betty spec. It's a great example of a show that blends drama and comedy, which is what I want my writing to achieve. Although there are a lot of serial elements, I feel that you could pick a more episodic plot and ignore the serial stuff more than you could with a show like Brothers & Sisters.

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Josh said...

Glad to hear your job is still intact :)