Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not in the top 0.56%

Tonight I went to an Academy-sponsored Working Your Way Up in Television event after hearing about it from Lisa Klink and others. Mostly I found it to be a waste of time...I know the names of the networks, and how to put together a resume. But I could see how it might be of interest to current college students or people coming to LA with no industry experience. I did get to talk to one of the directors of the ABC Diversity Development programs (including the ABC/Disney writing fellowship that Jane Espenson raves about). By now I think it's safe to assume I wasn't accepted. He said they received 2,500 submissions for 14 spots. Yeesh. I guess you can look at it in two ways: 1. reassuring, because surely many talented writers didn't make it and you very well may be one of them, or 2. disheartening, because you basically have no chance at getting in and you can consider it another door closed. I also asked him what they look for, and beyond a great script, he said they want people who really want to be TV writers, and can express that in their application.

Meanwhile, PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON FOUR HAS BEGUN! Strike-proof television that I actually like. Tip for west coasters, though: don't go to before the episode is over, because they POST WHO GETS KICKED OFF. Grr.


Muffin MacGuffin said...

I don't understand -- I thought they were sending out acceptance letters by December 1st. Have they already made their decisions?

Josh said...

Jul and I went to that event too. Would have been great if we were in high school...or maybe even the first year or two of college.

That guy was amusingly intimidating, though.

Wool in Sunshine said...

I was there too - I also heard about it from Lisa Klink. The only thing I found interesting was being able to talk to (and hear from) people in development. The rest of it was entertaining only because I had a gaggle of high school girls behind me who kept making inane comments like "Gee, this sounds hard!"

Very fun.

Amanda said...

As for the ABC fellowship - all applicants are notified in December, but it is my understanding that semifinalists and finalists are notified in Oct/Nov.

Rhys said...'s a bit up in the air whether semifinalists have all been notified, or if the strike has delayed that. I know of only one person who received any notification, which was right before the strike was announced, so that may have put off the process a bit. Not sure, but perhaps there's still hope. :)

Branlak said...

Hi Amanda. They announced the semifinalists the first week of Novemeber and they announced the finalists a week later. They have already interviewed all the finalists and have announced they will not be making, or I should say announcing, their selection until the strike is over