Monday, November 12, 2007


Strike: Here's an AMAZING Youtube video about how the studios are making gobs of money from the internet (and therefore should be sharing it with writers).

Finding an agent (in a bar): here's where agents go to drink. I doubt you'll be able to round up representation there, but hey, maybe you can if you're attractive. I actually know someone at the agency who got a job (albeit in the mailroom) from meeting agents in the bar where she worked.

Heroes: Creator Tim Kring actually apologizes for the disappointing second season in this Entertainment Weekly article. The points: the pace is too slow, the world-saving stakes should have been established sooner, the rookies didn't greet themselves properly, Hiro was in Japan way too long, and young love stinks. One of the reasons I love television is that it can evolve over weeks and seasons, it can experiment with plots and character arcs and then go in completely different directions. I had been close to writing off Heroes, but maybe if the creator is on the same page as I am, there's a reason to keep watching.

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