Friday, November 2, 2007

I need this week to be over.

I think I'm homesick for a life I've never had. I have been having some doubts lately, about whether I should be in LA, whether my job will pay off, whether I have the patience and determination to stick it out in this business, whether I will ever succeed. But then I thought to myself, if I quit everything and moved back east, what would I do? And I have no answer. If I'm not meant to do this, I'm not sure I'm meant to do anything. Man, I really hope this strike doesn't last long, because I don't want to get laid off and have to find another job.

In other news, the company chef made us all delicious cookies yesterday, which I didn't feel that guilty about eating because I met with my new trainer in the morning and have been in extreme PAIN ever since. Yes, I have a trainer...I'm so LA. Or at least I will be until my five free sessions are over.

I got some feedback on my pilot from two of the guys I work with. They both really liked the main character, which I take as a compliment, since it is basically me. :) I think I may wait for a few more opinions before I go back and re-draft, because they had a lot of differing opinions. One lesson I took from both, though, is not to assume that one line of dialogue or action will make something obvious. In my attempt to make things nuanced and not on-the-nose I made a relationship much too murky.

And just so you know...Deezer is my new favorite music destination. And btw, all the mailroom kids are on Meebo, a chatting tool that combines yahoo, AIM and google chat.


Matt said...


Hey Amanda,

Cool blog. I still regret leaving LA, even though I have very foggy memories of having ever been there. Lots o fun, but I failed to budget and plan for the long term. The NY Times article (via Complications ensue) speaks about the collateral damage that the Strike will cause... So, good luck, get fit, and put every Iron You Have into the fire.

Rhys said...
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Rhys said...

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(Sorry, Blogger sucks with long links so I had to separate it.)

Have fun! :)

And hang in there! I have a feeling things will workout great for you. :)