Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still Here

Sorry I've been quiet...not much to say. Everybody's starting to make their strike bets - nothing really has changed on that front. Looks like they're definitely striking...although we just got two new mailroom employees (wtf?), so I guess the agency isn't too concerned about the financial hit. Another TV Lit desk opened up, but I didn't go for it because 1. there were some company politics I didn't really want to get involved in and 2. I really do want to go through the floater/training process before jumping onto a desk. It kinda sucks because a bunch of TV Lit desks opened right as I got hired, and it's not that big of a department...but I'm sure more will. Just gotta be patient.

One thing I did today was help organize a binder for a TV Lit agent. Nothing really, just alphabetizing, but I did notice that there are a million writers with a million different scripts. So, in the vein of Alex Epstein's post about all the things you need to do before you give up, I feel the need to advise all aspiring writers to JUST WRITE. Write a pilot. And a spec. And another one. Because I assure you that all of your competitors are doing just that.

Tonight I also had a great dinner with an old internship supervisor. He's a CE, and very busy for work and life reasons, but luckily we were finally able to meet. He's from the midwest and very down-to-earth, which is nice to find in this town. We had always gotten along well and I made sure to send an email every now and then...something I definitely recommend. Plus, I got a nice dinner out of it. :)

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Jane said...

Hi Amanda,

Can you email me? I'm working on a little scheme I thought you might be interested in.

You can find my email address in my profile page.

x J