Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Polishing the Solo Cups

Quick update. I'm PAing at the reality prod co Mon-Wed., so I've been kinda busy. I have a bunch of TV to catch up on, but I did catch The Big Bang Theory and Aliens in America. The former is a traditional sitcom that is pretty funny because the guys are quirky and have good comedic timing...but the female lead plays it so straight that she's kind of boring in comparison. Aliens is kind of like Malcolm in the Middle meets Everybody Hates Chris with a large dose of cultural/social commentary. If that makes sense. It's not hilarious but seems to have some heart, so we'll see where it goes.

I have been writing off and on, and I'm on act four of my pilot (I gave up on the idea of it being half an hour because my pagecount was already in the late 30s, but I think tonally it makes more sense as an hour anyway). I hit a roadblock when I came to the party scene and realized it was kind of boring and pointless, other than the fact that all shows about college have obligatory party scenes. Then I remembered something Alex Epstein said in his comments about Tell Me You Love Me, the graphically sexual show on HBO...it didn't really work for him because the sex wasn't ABOUT anything...it was just sex for the sake of sex, and it didn't move the plot or tell us anything we didn't already know. My party was the same way...people were standing around drinking and saying witty things, but not much else. I was also reminded of my high school theater teacher yelling at us to get off the stage if we had no point being in the scene (mostly because high schoolers forget to act if they're not saying lines, but it has a narrative purpose too). Anyway, I'm now refocusing the scene and thinking about WHY each character is there and, WHAT they're trying to accomplish and how other character's goals might get in the way. Sometimes it helps to bring it back to screenwriting 101 basics. Wants vs. needs, stakes, tactics, conflict. I'm also going to watch the OC pilot again, because it's a great party scene (and I never get sick of that pilot).

I've got a THIRD interview at the midsize agency on Thursday, for an open assistant desk in TV lit. I guess HR and the other agents liked me enough to pass my resume along...this would be a great opportunity, and allow me to pass over the mailroom/floater steps. Fingers crossed (again).

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