Friday, October 5, 2007

Loving Life

First, the big announcement:

I AM EMPLOYED! Starting Monday, I'll be working in the mailroom at the midsize agency. Perhaps I am selling my soul (and any free time), but I am excited. I know how valuable agency experience can be, and I think this place is a good fit for me.

On the TV front...up there with Pushing Daisies is Life, which I finally caught up with. It's Law & Order's hip, visually exciting, more serial younger cousin. Maybe Law & Order meets Veronica Mars meets Burn Notice? Something like that. The protagonist, Crews, is an LAPD detective who got framed for a murder, spent 10 years in prison, got exonerated (and paid a multi-million dollar settlement), became a sort of celebrity and rejoined the force. He also listens to self-help tapes and eats a lot of fruit. The title is kinda lame, but it stands for the sentence he received, and "what he got back" when he was exonerated. The show is quirky and fun, but also takes on really dark episodic cases, and of course Crews' ongoing search for the people who framed him is gripping and serious. I love it. Wednesdays at 10 on NBC - or you can watch it at

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J. R. said...

First, Congratulations on your job!!
Second, I'm glad that you started watching Life after I've been bugging you about it. It's incredibly addicting and the characters are a lot of fun to watch. Don't forget it's also watchable on