Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's all coming up daisies

I'm sure you've already heard, but Pushing Daisies is fantastic. It's like Wes Anderson meets Tim Burton, with Sorkinian dialogue. Seriously. It had a nice classic pilot setup of someone/something upsetting the main character's normal world. In this case, the "normal" world is a whimsical one in which Ned can touch dead people and bring them back to life, but only for a minute until someone in close proximity dies. He keeps childhood sweetheart Chuck alive, and she wants in on the whole bringing-people-back-to-life business. I love that the show has such a strong sense of style and tone -both of which are very different from anything currently on TV.

Carpoolers was silly, but had some great jokes. My favorite was when the guys were fighting for a parking spot and yelled, "Oh no! Fancy carpool! With their sushi!" And sure enough, guys in a nearby expensive car were holding chopsticks out their tinted windows and stealing the available spot. There's nothing really new or provocative about it, but I would watch again.

Scratch my optimism about Private Practice. The second episode was ridiculously melodramatic. I think I have a better use of your time during this show: Drink every time they say the word "baby." You'll be wasted by act two, and I think the show will be much better as a result. Or just save the room on your DVR for every episode 30 Rock, cause that show is amazing. By the way, Tiny Fey answers questions in video format on the NBC website. Another one of my favorites premieres this week: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Bravo is running a marathon all day leading up to it, so you can catch up if you've been resisting the best show on TV.

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Muffin MacGuffin said...

Carpoolers was mostly okay, I thought, but it heavily relied on the "men are always brow-beaten by women" plots. I was reminded of how talented Fred Goss and Jerry Minor are, and wishing I were watching Sons & Daughters or Lucky Louie instead.

But yeah, Pushing Daisies was awesome.