Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I love me some internets

Nikki Finke's Blog: She's informative, irreverent, and seems to know everything before everyone else does. Lots of interesting strike perspectives.

Here's an LA Times article about the dwindling number of good female comedy roles. It's interesting that such a classic formula as the female-driven romantic comedy is becoming obsolete, but it is...and it's being replaced by hyper-sexual, male-driven not-so-rom coms. Women and comedy are a tough match...in part because it seems to be so much more important for women in Hollywood to be thin, attractive and youthful. On the TV side...even women who fit this description AND are talented comediennes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Christina Applegate come to mind) are held back by mediocre material. Both The New Adventures of Old Christine and Samantha Who are entertaining and accomplish what they set out to do, but they're nothing special or particularly memorable. There's nothing deeper going on between the dialogue or plot, and it's disappointing. Now, I do admire the characters - and actresses - on Ugly Betty, Weeds and Desperate Housewives - but these shows are all equally dramatic/tragic (and two follow more of a drama format), which I think is important to note.

Lastly, I thought you might want to know that Universal has posted the PDFs of a bunch of film scripts on their website for free download. Rumor has it they'll only be up there til February, so click soon!


Peter said...

Thanks for the heads up about those Universal scripts.

Have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by American Gangster...after learning its been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years I wasn't holding out much hope...

annabel said...

Thanks for the link!