Sunday, October 14, 2007

Depressing Dillon

I guess I should talk about Friday Night Lights, which has gotten very dark and depressing. What Variety called a "highly dramatic" plot with Tyra and Landry turned out to be a murder...yep, Landry killed the guy who tried to rape Tyra last season when he returned, and then the two dumped his body in a river. Meanwhile, Julie is sick of Matt. Matt's grandma is loopier than ever and he's brought in a tough in-home nurse. Tami is crying nonstop and wondering why she wanted to live apart from Eric (hmm, ME TOO!). Eric is not really loving his new job at TMU. The new Panthers coach is pissing off Riggins and Street. Buddy is miserable about his divorce, and is making his wife and her new guy both miserable. Lyla is trying to fill the void in her life with Jesus, and I'm not sure she's even fooling herself. The only people not entirely depressed are Smash (and we've seen him for 2 or 3 scenes) and Riggins (and he is still pining after Lyla). There is no comic relief, via Landry or Buddy or whoever. And Waverly has disappeared. I mean, I guess we've set up a lot to fix over the season...but it's just so crazy. Would Tami and Eric really have chosen to live apart with a new baby? I thought for sure Eric was going to pick the Panthers and things would be back to normal. And the murder? Yeesh. I feel like Tyra and Landry's fledgling romance could have included enough drama.


Josh said...

Amusingly, Jul just picked up the first season for us for $15 because she was tired of everyone telling her how good the show was (I certainly couldn't convince her to watch it: Football? Really?)

I expected it to get cancelled, but now it seems like it's turning to crap too...suckiness.

Amanda said...

OK, ok. Take it from an insider. No one working for the SHOW even really liked the murder storyline. What started as an idea for a darker look at a small town took on a new life and became something no one really wanted it to become. A lot of shows jump the shark or slide downhill, but look at LOST. Everyone wrote that show off midseason last year, then it absolutely took off. Fire up your TiVo and check out Oct. 19ths episode. It's beginning to get back to the FNL we know and (hopefully) still love.