Monday, October 22, 2007

The best $1.25 (and $5 for parking) you'll ever spend

Any two cookies. Any flavor ice cream. Smush 'em together and get the BEST ICE CREAM SANDWICH EVER FOR ONLY $1.25. Diddy Reese in Westwood, on Broxton. If I went to UCLA, this place would probably be the sole cause of my freshman fifteen. There is a sign in the window that says the price will be going up to $1.50, but I think I will be able to spare another quarter. (Next time, though, I'm definitely going to find free parking and walk a little farther).

In the TV world, Viva Laughlin just got cancelled after TWO episodes. Adaptations aren't always as safe as networks would like to think. Also, I learned in Variety that MySpace is airing its first exclusive scripted show, Roommates. I haven't watched it yet...but apparently users can affect the course of the plot, which is worth mentioning. Interactive TV. It'll be really cool or really dumb, I think. Another sign that TV is changing is that director Alan Taylor just received a development deal with CBS Paramount. He's one of a growing number of directors with development deals. It has long been thought that film was a director's medium, whereas TV was a writer's medium...but with shows that look as slick as Life, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Pushing Daisies, etc., directing in TV is something to get excited about.

I saw Rendition this weekend, which was a mess. The characters were underdeveloped, yet it attempted to be a character piece disguised as a political thriller. Like I said, a mess.


Jane said...

Ahhh, Diddy Reese. It sounds impossible to make such a wonderful snack for only a buck fifty, but it is like heaven in your mouth (and hell on your thighs)...

Wow, that came out sounding really dirty.


guyot said...

Found you by way of Shawna - she's a friend.

TV directors have had d-deals for a long time. It just seems like a new thing because we're hearing about them more - due to the fact that there are fewer writer overalls nowadays... see Rob Thomas about that.

TV will always be a writer's medium, and if it ever becomes a director's world, then TV will suck as badly as film does these days. And yes, film sucks.

Best of luck with your career. I'd love to know which agency you work at - and I'd be careful about posting anything re: work. I think you're getting dangerously close to making them nervous based on the few posts I read.

Kate LaChapelle said...

I'm sure you've probably learned this by now, since this post is wicked old, but there's a parking garage on Broxton between Weyburn and Kinross that has two hours of free parking before 6 (after 6 there's a $3 flat rate).

The agency I work for is over there and my boss has me run over there a lot.