Saturday, September 8, 2007

maybe just that one long finger in the middle.

The key to being successful in Hollywood is to treat every task like you are ON A MISSION TO PREVENT A DETONATED BOMB FROM KILLING EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH. This will A) impress your superiors and B) distract you from (and give greater meaning to) the things you are really doing, like making sure dry cappucinos are indeed dry enough.

A corollary to this key is that you should never wear open-toed shoes if you are an office PA/runner. Wearing such shoes might cause layers of skin on your toe to slice open when you're running down the uneven sidewalk on Highland Avenue from one camera shop to another to make sure you get the correct batteries for a camera that must be ready to take photos of an executive's son's first soccer game in fifteen minutes.

What else? It never hurts to carry suncreen for 1o-hour outdoor casting sessions, two forms of government-issued IDs (or a passport, which trumps everything) for start forms, or extra change for parking meters. Always remember to ask for receipts, especially at Starbucks, where the like to throw them away before you ask. And GPS will surely become your best friend in the world, if your parents are generous enough to buy it for you (it's going on my Christmas list).

I know all this because I've gotten some random PA work, but nothing permanent yet. I guess it's decent, since I'm getting to know more people who I'm sure will have more opportunities for me to work. I just can't always count on it for money, which sucks. Unfortunately, the job in TV development that I really really wanted went to someone else. In my 7-minute Big Agency interview I found out I don't have enough basic admin experience (why did they call me to come in?). I haven't heard anything back from the talent manager, or the Page program. Or the 12 other places I sent resumes to last week. In 2 1/2 weeks I have an interview for a floater position at another Big Agency. Other than that, I got nothin.

I'm going to have lunch with the Creative Exec at one of my old internship sites on Thursday...perhaps he will have some pearls of wisdom (or friends with job openings, which would be better). Wednesday will be my one-month anniversary of coming to LA. At that point I think I will allow myself to be depressed enough to pop open the bottle of Riesling I bought with all the remaining change in my wallet at a 99-Cents Only store.


Matt said...

haha- isn't being a PA the most mind-numbing, brain-wracking, frustrating thing in the world? especially since half the time you're doing things that are not at all having to do with your future career? haha

anyway-- stick with it. a month seems to be the amount of time most people take before they find a permanent job.

Brian said...

Wow. After I read your latest post, I so wanted to send you ten bucks. Might sound lame, but I really just wanted to smoothe things over for you - just a little bit. Know that there are people whom you don't even know - like me - who are pulling for you. :)