Thursday, September 20, 2007

Job search update

I interviewed for a receptionist position at a commercial production company in Santa Monica on Monday and just heard today that I didn't get it...they told me that I was certainly qualified and the interview went very well, but they got a referral from an exec at another company and the candidate knows the commercial production world very well (I obviously don't) and it was a better fit. It wasn't my ideal job so I don't feel that badly about it...especially since the woman said she would pass my resume along to other companies looking for people, which was nice.

This morning I had a second interview for a receptionist (though they're calling it "production secretary") position at a production company in Burbank that produces game shows and specials like parades and pre-shows. The producer said he would like me to move on and meet with the executive producer, but I told him about my other interviews going on and he said he doesn't want to give the EP a candidate who won't be willing to accept the position and start immediately. He said to call the associate producer when I've figured it out, noting that they might find someone else if I wait too long. It's a dangerous game, but this job also isn't ideal...and I have reason to be optimistic about:

The mid-size agency interview that went really well yesterday. The woman in HR was exceedingly friendly, and maybe it was just her spiel but I really liked what she had to say about the company and the experience I would have there. She wants me to start in the mailroom for a month, then be a floater, then assistant. Honestly, the interview was not much of an interview...she did most of the talking and then asked whether I wanted to be in lit or talent, TV or MP. She gave me her stamp of approval so now we are in the process of setting up two interviews with agents there. If they like me (and she said as long as I am outgoing I should be fine), then I'm in. The mailroom pay is dismal, but you get more as a floater and more than that as an assistant, so it'll become pretty standard after a couple months. The reality prod co receptionist gig would pay more - even more than once I'm an assistant - but I really think working at an agency will be the fast track to career success. I'm quickly finding out that you need to have been an assistant to get an assistant job, and if you have been an agent assistant, it is even more valuable. It will be hard, but the atmosphere at the agency is really welcoming (she assured me there are no Ari Golds there, haha), and I think it will be worth it. I just hope the agents like me.

In the meantime I'm doing some freelance work Friday and possibly Monday & Tuesday, and I'm working another open casting call for American Gladiators on Sunday. I might actually be able to pay my rent next month!


Josh said...

I think that you should get the agency job so that I can then relentlessly annoy you about giving them my work.

Thanks in advance, and good luck.

David Laszlo Birinyi said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and it looks like you've taken the exact track I plan to go.

Any advice for a recent film grad moving to LA in a week?