Saturday, September 29, 2007

Golf carts, rum, sharks, sperm and rabies

Sometimes Microsoft Paint is the best way to express yourself. I may have to stop watching Grey's very soon. Anybody see Izzy bring a deer back to life in the back of a truck? Yeah. And McDreamy just happens to meet and be attracted to a woman who just happens to be Meredith's half sister whom she never knew about and just happens to get a job as an intern at the hospital? I know television is all a little bit convenient, but come on. The premiere ended with Meredith & Derek in the same situation as ever...having great sex but afraid to commit themselves to anything more. If I have to hear them say they're "not ready for this" one more time I'm going to take a scalpel to everyone's ambubags. Emotionally unavailable medical experts, grow the fuck up.

Private Practice was okay. I liked it better than the Grey's premiere, but that's not really saying much. The dialogue and tone are snappy like vintage Grey's, and the characters have some nice quirks to them. I thought the plot was a little weak, though...the thing with Amy Brenneman in the store was kinda strange, and I also don't want to hear the word sperm ever again. The establishing shots of LA (and more specifically, Santa Monica), felt weird because there would just be one super-quick shot at the beginning of an act. Overall, I'm not sure. It's somewhat sillier than Grey's, which may prove to be redeeming - or result in there not being enough at stake to keep our interest.

There's no doubt in my mind that ABC's Big Shots was pitched as the male Desperate Housewives. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as juicy or fun. The plots, though soapy, are simple and tired...and the dramatic scenes just don't tap into genuine emotion. Lots of cheating, a little business, death by golf cart and a trannie at a truckstop? The characters are unsympathetic, the women are underdeveloped and the show overall is superficial. I get what they're going for: four guys trying to fix their botched relationships and therefore their lives...and I like Dylan McDermott's icy blues as much as the next girl. But Big Shots is another show about ABCs that fails to make an impression.

CBS's Cane was a nice surprise. It's the story of a Cuban-American family and their rum business. It discusses the mixing of business and family, business and pleasure, past and present, tradition and modernism. I thought the flashbacks were melodramatic and largely unnecessary, but overall the golden aesthetic was a joy to watch. I also thought the combination of English and Spanish felt very natural and established the tone and setting well. The teenagers on the show are a bit cliche (a complaint I have about many shows), but they share screen time nearly equally with the adults, so they may prove to be more complex. Variety points out that the show may not attract many viewers because it's so different from the rest of CBS's procedural-heavy lineup, but it's worth a watch. Tuesdays at 10.

The Office was great. I'm always impressed by the ideas the writers come up with to make the show more visual, this time being a Rabies Fun Run. I also think the Jim/Pam plot was really well done, since the point at which two characters finally get together on a show is often the end of conflict and the beginning of the show's demise. In their case, the new conflict is now keeping the relationship secret, which should keep us going for a while. Plus, Kevin's reactions to them are classic. PB & J!


Alex said...

This is really random but I just wanted to say your blog is the only result for "gag what a tool" with the parentheses on google.

Matt said...

Kevin is fantastic.