Thursday, September 20, 2007

And some premiere gossip (girl).

Last night was the much-awaited premiere of OC creator Josh Schwartz's new show, Gossip Girl. I have mixed feelings about it, but I'll definitely be watching next week. It was nearly impossible to watch the pilot without comparing it to The OC. First off, it's deliciously shot (and actually, director Mark Piznarski also directed the Veronica Mars pilot). Second, it's about gorgeous rich kids who look and act way old than high schoolers (though at least Seth and Ryan drank keg beer from solo cups...these kids drink martinis in hotel bars? seriously?). More similarities: Dysfunctional parents who criticize clothing, and also parents who seem to have a history. Big party scene. Relationship infidelity. The idea of breaking into the cool "world." Basically, it's 3/4 OC and 1/4 Cruel Intentions. And at this point, I have to say that both The OC and Cruel Intentions did it better.

The OC was funnier and less pretentious, where GG takes itself much more seriously. There are some funny moments with Rufus, but he's not as strong of a character as Sandy. Plus, Seth never wanted to be part of the cool world, he just kinda fell into it when Ryan showed up and pushed him to pursue Summer. And he made cracks about it the whole time. On GG, Serena returns to the world she most definitely belongs in. Blair runs it. And cute brother-sister team Jenny and Dan are bothing aching to be part of it. Where is the satire? Where is the commentary that it's all kind of ridiculous?

Also, I think the voiceover of the secret blogger adds very little to the show. She does nothing but point out what we are already seeing, and the blog itself never affected the plot (though I'm guessing that will change).

The characters had some decent specificity...Jenny has potential to go through a lot of changes, and the Serena/Dan match could be interesting. I find Blair and Nate both kind of whiny. Eric is a bit of a cliche at this point, and I'm not sure that kid can act. Chuck could be a great antagonist, but he's seems to be trying a little too hard to be Ryan Philippe's Sebastian...and I hope we don't have to stomach too many more scenes of him forcing his tongue down girls' throats. Anyway, if you liked the OC, it's worth a look.

Also on Wednesdays...umm, Kid Nation? Probably the guiltiest and most pleasurable guilty pleasure of the season. I bet it started out as a joke in some executive was out of ideas and said "All right, let's just drop a couple dozen kids in the desert and let them fend for themselves." And Kid Nation was born. Not suprisingly, it's gotten some scrutiny from both parents and the WGA. Anyway, I liked it. I think it's interesting because it shows that kids can be smart and sometimes eloquent even before they've lost all their baby teeth. The first ep was kind of positive, and I'm expecting it to turn more chaotic...come on, you read Lord of the Flies.

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Matt said...

KID NATION IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. i got a little teary-eyed in the first episode with just like....5 minutes in. The kids are fantastic.

Gossip Girl-- *sigh* no one cares about the "hard lives" rich kids have...haha