Thursday, September 27, 2007

The alphabet

I would like to propose a new acronym for ABC: Affluent Brooding Caucasians. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of shows on ABC...but they are all about rich white people struggling with relationships. People were raving about Dirty Sexy Money, but I was underwhelmed. The main character is a lawyer who goes to work for a rich, crazy family. It's a bit reminiscent of Arrested Development (sigh), but soapy instead of absurd. The pilot had some funny moments, but unfortunately the show suffers from Devil-Wears-Prada syndrome: the protagonist is the most boring character in it. His only goal or passion is not turning into his father (who had the same job and thus neglected his family). I haven't watched Big Shots or Private Practice yet, but I'm expecting more ABCs.

On NBC, Journeyman was decent. It's somewhere between Early Edition and Quantum Leap, but darker than both. The protagonist, Dan, is a slacker (no shock there, given this pilot season) who travels through time to fix other people's problems - but since he can't control his comings and goings, he creates many familial problems of his own. Unlike EE and QL, the time-traveling in JM is absolutely a curse that may ruin Dan's life. The show is visually exciting and emotionally compelling, but I'm not sure if the plots will seem worthwhile, or if we'll always be on Dan's side.

Annd, I just want to say that Pam Beasley and I wore the same blue knit top from Banana Republic today. I swear it's the same one...and that's awesome.


DrJeff said...

HA! That's funny, your brooding caucasian comment. So true, so true. Did you catch Bionic Woman? Horrible horrible horrible. Unfortunately it crushed its time slot for 18-49 yo's...but only because THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE ON. Sigh. Guess my wish for an early cancellation will go unfulfilled.

Matt said...

WHA!! so many people were RAVING about it (myself included)

i didn't think I'd like it cuz, come on, more rich white people complaining about how hard their lives are, but-- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drug addict son...haha

what you up to this weekend?