Monday, August 20, 2007

job hunting, etc.

Today began at the DMV, where I accomplished nothing (not exactly a shock). It turns out that you need to have a passport or birth certificate to register your car. I found out later my passport actually was in my car, stuck in a random compartment during the cross-country move. It didn't really matter since I also needed a smog check and a "verification" that required waiting outside in a long line of cars. While I was waiting I got a call from a coordinator (and Ithaca grad) at a reality production office asking me to come in for an interview today, so I decided to try the DMV again when I have all the required materials. The interview went pretty well, I think...the interviewer was just a year older than I am, and had only conducted one other interview in his time as coordinator, so it was definitely more of a conversation. It turns out we had both worked briefly at Hollywood Video in Ithaca...crazy, huh? Anyway, the job would be an Office PA - helping set up new people with computer systems, taking lunch orders, organizing boxes of files, you name it. The environment seems friendly and casual, and the office isn't too far from my apt...but it would be 9 am - 9:30 pm every day, which is a bit crazy, especially since reality isn't ideally where I want to be. I mean, it's very common for people in Hollywood to work until 8 pm...or later if you're shooting. But at the office til 9:30 every day? Yeesh. Anyway, who knows if I'll even be offered the position...and the coordinator also isn't sure when he'll need someone, or for how long. Probably Monday. But maybe not. So there's a bit of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear back from the Page Program, which asked me for references soon after I applied. I'm also interviewing with someone at staffing agency tomorrow morning, and a recruiter at the Giant Agency on Wednesday. Is it wrong that I'm most excited about getting cable on Friday?


DrJeff said...

Hang in there. Rare is change that is smooth and flawless. These are all tests of your resolve and the tests will get bigger and tougher, but just keep your eye on your goals and don't ever stop believing in yourself.

Josh said...

It's only wrong if you don't have internet yet and you're more excited about cable :)

Hang in there with the job stuff. With your connections, I'm SURE you'll have an easier time than I did, but it took me more than a month to find my first job here...and that was at a Coffee Bean as a barista for $7.50/hr plus tips. Yay.

But I found my next job in a matter of weeks (still not in entertainment, unless you count Hollywood Video) and with each successive job have somehow managed to both increase my salary and get closer to that TV writing gig I'm really after.

Matt said...

heh, welcome to LA, kid.

Now that you're here-- best of luck. It's good tho that you understand you won't become a writer RIGHT away. I can't tell you how many query letters I get day in and day out from college grads about their "FIRST SCREENPLAY", etc. etc.

Just be ready to accept ANY job to make money while the better job comes along. We're all making shit-- but in the long run, it should pay off IMMENSELY for hopefully some....haha

When I'm an agent, be sure to get in touch :)