Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yay for pictures.

It seems I may have jinxed myself by talking about the office PA gig on here and Facebook. I thought for sure I would be working there today and tomorrow, but I haven't heard from them. Ah well...I don't feel that down about it because I set up another interview, at a production company. This came about through a friend of my sister's who has kept up with my job search via the Facebook news feed...see what I mean about the strange connections?

Last night I saw some bands at a showcase at King King in Hollywood because my friend is a music coordinator at Bunim-Murray. His job basically entails going to free concerts every night. Not bad, huh? The venue was great - it had this zen warehouse-chic thing going on. I really liked the second band, The Transit War. I told the lead singer they were the best and he gave me a free CD under the condition that I had to burn it for three friends...but I think talking about it on here kinda counts. Their sound is like...halfway between The Format and Fall Out Boy. Something like that...a little rough but definitely full of passion and potential. Check 'em out. After the show we stopped at the Green Frog, a VERY dive-y dive bar on Woodman & Moorpark in Sherman Oaks. It smelled kinda like Moonshadows, which made me equally nostalgic and nauseated.

Also...did you know that Season One of Friday Night Lights is out on DVD and only $19.99 at Target and Of course I had to buy it. For research. For my career. You know. For those of you who haven't seen this amazing drama, NBC is also offering a money-back guarantee if you don't like it! But you won't need it, trust me.

On a girlier note, I also had to buy these adorable $12.99 Steve Madden knockoff flats...the real ones weren't THAT expensive, but I didn't want to shell out the $69.95 and by the time they went on sale, my size and preferred color weren't available. I had sadly given up until I walked into Target and saw nearly the same shoe! Seriously, look at the pictures and tell me if you can tell which ones were $69.95 and which ones were $12.99:

Okay, maybe you can a little. But not $54 worth of differences!

I also bought another one of Almay's Truly Last Color lipsticks. I used to accept as a fact of life that lipstick does not stay on your lips if you eat anything...or even just exist for more than a few hours after you put it on. This is untrue! This lipstick clung to my lips so fervently that I washed my face, went to bed, woke up the next morning, took a shower and looked in the mirror to find it still on. Nuts. I mean, it could be a pain if you really wanted to take it off...but it says that some makeup remover will easily do the trick. I'm not super thrilled about the color selection, but it's still pretty cool...and has a clear coat to make it nice and shiny. It's $8.54 at Target, which isn't super cheap but worth it for how seldom you'll have to reapply.

I swear, I only intended to buy FNL and sink mats. I need to stop going to Target.

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Josh said...

A word to the wise. Be very, very careful actually naming companies in your blog.

I've known companies that Google their names and then search those hits, so it's possible that they saw your blog and were annoyed by it in some way and decided not to bring you back. POSSIBLE.

A friend of mine was temping at a company a while ago and wasn't brought back because they saw that she had blogged about them. And when I say blogged about them, I don't mean she talked about how much she hated them and what jerks they were. It was more of a woe-is-me-my-life-sucks blog where she mentioned working at said company.