Thursday, August 2, 2007

In ten days I will be in LA.

I made it back to Buffalo, despite the fact that the people at Jiffy Lube forgot to put the cap back on my oil container and it splashed all over my engine and oozed out the hood. Luckily no damage was done and my car has passed inspection, making it ready for the cross-country trek. I leave Monday, and will get to LA the following Sunday. I may or may not have somewhere to live by then...Katie and I applied for a townhouse in North Hollywood and since Katie was the first to see it, we have first dibs if our apps are good enough (I'm hoping the fact that I'm jobless won't be a huge obstacle in getting an apartment). Anywho, here's the itinerary:

Mon 8/6 = drive to Milwaukee and stay with my cousins
Tues 8/7 = drive to Minneapolis and stay with Kate Levinson
(I will be rerouted around I-35 due to the collapsed bridge...did you see the photos? it was like an action movie, I couldn't believe it.)
Weds 8/8 = three words: MALL OF AMERICA.
Thurs 8/9 = drive to Oklahoma City and stay with former London roommate Erin Abshere
Fri = 8/10 more where the winds come sweeping down the plain (Erin hates that song, especially when you get stranded in the Dublin airport for hours and then an entire drunken Irish Rugby team sings it to you when you finally get on the plane)
Sat 8/11 = drive halfway from OK to LA (somewhere near Albuquerque, NM)
Sun 8/12 = drive to LA!!!

I am excited.

Job search: I've started it up again, figuring it might be possible to set up some interviews ahead of time. I'm just writing right in the cover letters when I will get there so that nobody wastes any time. Once I get to LA, I'm going to send "I'm here!" emails to all my former teachers, internship bosses, fellow alum, etc. I've seen a couple postings for paid internships...I wonder if I should apply. It might be a good way to work myself up into an assistant position (and already be comfortable in the work environment). I'll just have to buy that emergency-only healthcare for $51 a month.

What else? I haven't seen any new shows or heard any news I feel inclined to share. Whoopi's on The View. La de da. I feel like that show makes so many headlines despite the fact that nobody I've ever met watches it.

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Matt said...

Just wanna say: congrats. And if all goes well, I'll be joining you in less than a year.