Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have a job. Well, not really. I mean, sort of.

On Monday & Tuesday I worked as an Office PA for a reality show production office hub. The job entails long hours, low pay and menial tasks, but the people are all very friendly, and since it's a day-to-day thing (they call me if they could use me) it seems like a good way to make some money while I keep looking for something else. I also get to gawk at slutty reality show hopefuls as they walk by the desk...yesterday this one girl was wearing a dress that probably could have doubled as a headband and as she passed us, chest and thighs on display, the two casting assistants and I all made the same appalled face. "I'm really glad we all just shared that moment," the one assistant said. I found out later it was only her second day new shows start up (which is all the time), there are always new people...and a lot of them are around my age, so that's cool.

Meanwhile, today I interviewed to be a second assistant to a manager who split from ICM ten years ago and works on his own. He exclusively represents TV writers (good ones, too) so I think it would be a great opportunity. The interview was with the first assistant, and he and I had a great conversation about TV shows, intern experiences, etc. He said he is going to pass my resume along to the boss with a good recommendation, and that the boss will start interviewing next week. I have a really good feeling about it...I hope it works out.

My friend Jason emailed me with the news that he's moving out here in a few weeks, but he is apprehensive since my blog has painted a not-so-rosy picture of the job search. Here's what I told him:

1. The competition is intense. Sure, you're brilliant, you're competent, and you're a former intern of really impressive companies. So is everybody else.

2. Connections only go so far. Yes, who you know helps. It's how I got the reality gig...but it's not everything. Connections can only help you IF THEY KNOW ABOUT OPENINGS. I contacted everybody I know out here (and I know quite a few), but they all basically said "sure, I'll let you know if I hear of anything." Most of them haven't told me about anything since.

3. Non-IC connections can pay off too. I'm now getting emailed jobs from one of my sister's friends from high school, and another one of her friends from college. My sister works in I didn't expect this. But it works.

4. Knowing people is best, but online sites like,, and the UTA list can work sometimes. It's how I got an interview in New York, and two interviews out here (including the one today). Just put together a cover letter template so you don't waste too much time. For every 10-12 jobs you apply for online, you'll probably get called once.

5. Temp agencies can be good, or scary. I hated my experience at one, as you read on the blog, but one of my friends got a cool temp gig at Paramount through Star Staffing.

That's all for now...I'll keep ya posted.


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i'm useful. hurray.