Sunday, July 1, 2007

the world of writer blogs

Hurray! It is cooler in Ithaca today, meaning that I can mooch wireless internet on the deck for more than a half hour without my laptop overheating. The insects are another issue entirely...

Anyway, I've been able to browse around the internet, and I've discovered that a lot of screenwriters have blogs. And they all link to other writers with blogs. At first it was overwhelming, but after checking out all the links I realized that a lot of them either haven't been updated in months or don't really have much to do with writing. Also, nearly all the blogs are about film as opposed to TV writing...and nobody seems to be as young as I am. So I feel okay with adding to the din, figuring that I will present something somewhat unique. As the summer rolls on I will be adding links of friends' blogs and writing blogs I find helpful. Recently added are blogs from Grey's Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters as well as a friend of mine who works on Last Call with Carson Daly. If you know of any cool blogs feel free to pass them my way.

Yeesh. I think I need to stop using italics and any variations of the word blog.

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