Monday, July 9, 2007

WHEN to begin

You'll see that the blog has a new look. I thought it was kind of blah so I decided to pick a more dramatic template and keep the colors as is. Let me know what you think.

So, I'm writing an original pilot now, a half-hour dramedy about my experience working for a college radio station. Originally I wanted it to be a mockumentary a la The Office, but I think it would be kind of a pain to write it that way and also I'm not sure that using that style would be good for a pilot because it might make it seem like I am having my characters tell exposition to the camera rather than demonstrating that I can weave it in naturally.

Something I've been thinking about is the idea of WHEN to start my story. Generally there is an inciting incident or a REASON why a TV show starts when it does. On the OC, it's when Ryan meets Sandy, moves in and their two worlds collide. On Brothers & Sisters, it's when Kitty comes home and the father dies, causing the family to learn about past secrets. On Veronica Mars, there are two: Lily's death, and also Veronica's return to school as an outsider because of her father's reaction to Lily's death.

So WHEN should I jump into the story of college radio? At first I was tempted to use my friend Nick's experience...he became Assistant Program Director as a second-semester freshman and then when his boss suddenly quit he became Program Director, the #2 student position on the station. It's a pretty classic pilot setup. But I kinda wanted to make a female protagonist in this mostly-male world. I guess part of the problem is that it's totally autobiographical, and I'm feeling some loyalty to the truth. I know I should think of a theme and then start writing a step outline with plots based on the theme...but I tend to think in scenes, and I keep imagining all these great I may just write all the scenes I think of and then arrange them and change them later.

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