Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Famous!

Okay, not really. But TV Writer Jane Espenson just answered my question (and mentioned my name) in her TV writing blog that I love to read so much. She gives the go-ahead to use my Friday Night Lights spec to apply for the Warner Brothers Writing Workshop. The deadline is August 15. The program isn't as cushy as the ABC one - no stipend, and it's just one night a week - but one of the Ithaca TV Writing candidates I had lunch with said she did it and found it helpful and ended up writing on a WB show, so it sounds worth entering. Also, there's no longer a fee for the program (just the application). So...more fingers crossed in the hopes that network folk like my stuff.

Meanwhile, I haven't been working too much on my pilot because I've been working relentless hours at Hollywood I went to New York for the weekend. It was actually really great, since I got to see Josh (boyfriend), Maria (sister), Laura King (high school), Chris Kelley and Will Van Dyke (older WICB kids), Liz Staley (my old Assistant and good friend), Nick Fusco (many titles) and Jared Weinberg (0604 roommate). That's a lot, no? I'm totally ready for life as a jetsetter, seeing friends in varying cities.

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