Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Academy Is...not seeing the Lights.

(I could totally write headlines for Variety.)

The countdown is nearing...three days left in Ithaca. And I may actually be leaving Buffalo for LA sooner than planned; my friend Chris Cucci and his friend Kevin were looking for cross country companions/places to stay and so I may go with them. I guess they're trying to get there on $200, and are filming the whole thing. My car has 95,000 miles on it so I think it might be good to have some backup - and I'm always up for an adventure.

In an earlier post I mentioned that Weeds had been nominated for Emmys...more specifically, Mary Louise Parker was nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy and Elizabeth Perkins was nominated for Supporting Actress in a Comedy. I'm happy about these noms, but the Academy and I are not on very good terms because of the lack of Friday Night Lights nominations. The show was only nominated for producing and casting...both of which are great, but come on. Acting? Writing? And How did Boston Legal get a nom for best drama and not FNL? Sigh. (You can view all the nominations here. At least FNL has been moved from Fridays to Tuesdays...maybe more people will jump on the bandwagon next season.

Meanwhile, I've made a little more headway on my pilot about college radio. I've quickly discovered, though, that plot and plot twists are my worst enemies. I find myself writing scenes with great character stuff and fun dialogue, but not much happens. This is the problem when you stick too close to real life.

AND - you need to go to Michael Cera (everyone's favorite cousin-lover from Arrested Development and one of the stars of the upcoming Superbad) has teamed up with Clark Duke (I admit I know nothing about him) for this little web video series that's quite funny. ICLA alumni will also notice the location of episode one - THE OAKWOODS! Oh, how I wish I would have run into Michael Cera on my way to the pool. I actually did once share an elevator with him at the Sony Lot...I really wanted to say something clever, but it was only after he got off that the right phrase came to me: "There's always money in the banana stand."

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Matt said...

Trust me, you're not the only one who was deeply saddened by the Emmy nominations. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't yet heard of anyone who agreed with the list of nominees, which makes me wonder...who actually VOTED for them in the first place?

And I will leave you with this quote from Clark and Michael: "You've got a new lady now...her name is Hollywood. And her legs are spread so wide open...that there's room enough for the both of us."