Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Just to update, I finished my spec. I sent it off to various people to get feedback, so right now I am just waiting for their comments so I can work on a second draft, and then eventually send it in for the abc/disney fellowship. I already know of some things that need to be beefed up, including the football stuff. Since I don't really care about that, I dreaded writing it and didn't revise much...and now I realize the game I wrote is pretty bland and predictable so I need to add more conflict and twists.

I also have to write an autobiographical summary (in addition to sending my resume) and a statement of how I would contribute to a diverse writers' landscape. Those may prove to be harder than writing the spec itself...anything autobiographical is arrogant to being with, and when you're 21 and haven't done much (or at least much that your resume doesn't explain perfectly), there's not much to say. As for diversity, I may have to make some stuff up being that A) I am from a white suburban middle class background and B) A woman tv writer isn't really so rare.

Meanwhile, I've been catching up (read: getting obsessed with) Entourage. I have two episodes left of season two and I only started watching on Sunday. It is going to be so sad when I finish...but then I guess I'll have to start catching up with Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty.

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