Sunday, June 17, 2007


So here I am fending off bugs in the dark (minus laptop screen) out on my deck. Why? Well, Time Warner Cable wanted $49 a month for JUST INTERNET and since my roommates have scurried away, I cannot afford such an exorbitant amount. So here I sit, outside, angling my computer toward the only spot that unsecured wireless networks hail from. Around my house I find at least 20 networks in different spots - the "green gorillas go global" network is quite amusing - but none of them take like good ol "201 (unsecured)".

Anyway, the internet has been very important for me these last few days. In addition to being my path towards finding a microwave on craigslist, it has also led me to create this blog, which had exactly the effect I was hoping. It made all my plans "official." Since I mentioned I was writing a Friday Night Lights spec, I had to follow through. And now, just six days after beginning the teaser, I am into act five. yay! I fervently hope that it's not all crap, but I think that there must be at least some non-crap in there. This blog also got some people interested in it and asking me about it...and having people check up on you can be a great motivation.

I'll let ya know when I officially finish, and how I'm doing with revisions.

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