Friday, June 29, 2007


Well, I did it. I sent off my application for the Disney/ABC fellowship. As my friend Kate would say, Dunzo. Now I just have to sit tight until December, haha. TV writer and big fan of the fellowship Jane Espenson recommends forgetting all about the spec and getting to work on something original. So perhaps I will do that.

Meanwhile, I only have two more epsidoes of Entourage left to watch in season three part I - so sad. However, I caught the second half of USA's new series Burn Notice last night and it intrigued me. The main character is a former spy who's kind of a male Veronica Mars ten years older...cheeky, crafty, cynical and often emotionally unavailable (if only the phrase started with C!). Plus, he's rather attractive. The show airs Thursdays at 10 if you're interested.

Ooh! And get this - one of the writers on the show has a blog!


mailformarianne said...

Read my review of the pilot of Burn Notice at

VDOVault said...

BTW Matt Nix is the creator and showrunner of Burn Notice and not merely one of its writers (and is a really nice guy). He occasionally posts to the USA Burn Notice Forum (look for posts from the userid Nix)

The rest of the blog is posts from the other BN writers.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent had a writers & directors blog going at USA as well. I am not sure if they're still updating it (the WGA strike put a halt to their posts for a time and since I've been busy with strike work or now sorting out what actors are up to I have not had time to just do pleasure reading at USA's sites :(

Looking forward to the BN Season 2 premiere in an hour. After the WGA strike and with the uncertainty with SAG it will be nice to just kick back and watch some TV and enjoy it.