Friday, June 29, 2007


Well, I did it. I sent off my application for the Disney/ABC fellowship. As my friend Kate would say, Dunzo. Now I just have to sit tight until December, haha. TV writer and big fan of the fellowship Jane Espenson recommends forgetting all about the spec and getting to work on something original. So perhaps I will do that.

Meanwhile, I only have two more epsidoes of Entourage left to watch in season three part I - so sad. However, I caught the second half of USA's new series Burn Notice last night and it intrigued me. The main character is a former spy who's kind of a male Veronica Mars ten years older...cheeky, crafty, cynical and often emotionally unavailable (if only the phrase started with C!). Plus, he's rather attractive. The show airs Thursdays at 10 if you're interested.

Ooh! And get this - one of the writers on the show has a blog!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Just to update, I finished my spec. I sent it off to various people to get feedback, so right now I am just waiting for their comments so I can work on a second draft, and then eventually send it in for the abc/disney fellowship. I already know of some things that need to be beefed up, including the football stuff. Since I don't really care about that, I dreaded writing it and didn't revise much...and now I realize the game I wrote is pretty bland and predictable so I need to add more conflict and twists.

I also have to write an autobiographical summary (in addition to sending my resume) and a statement of how I would contribute to a diverse writers' landscape. Those may prove to be harder than writing the spec itself...anything autobiographical is arrogant to being with, and when you're 21 and haven't done much (or at least much that your resume doesn't explain perfectly), there's not much to say. As for diversity, I may have to make some stuff up being that A) I am from a white suburban middle class background and B) A woman tv writer isn't really so rare.

Meanwhile, I've been catching up (read: getting obsessed with) Entourage. I have two episodes left of season two and I only started watching on Sunday. It is going to be so sad when I finish...but then I guess I'll have to start catching up with Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


So here I am fending off bugs in the dark (minus laptop screen) out on my deck. Why? Well, Time Warner Cable wanted $49 a month for JUST INTERNET and since my roommates have scurried away, I cannot afford such an exorbitant amount. So here I sit, outside, angling my computer toward the only spot that unsecured wireless networks hail from. Around my house I find at least 20 networks in different spots - the "green gorillas go global" network is quite amusing - but none of them take like good ol "201 (unsecured)".

Anyway, the internet has been very important for me these last few days. In addition to being my path towards finding a microwave on craigslist, it has also led me to create this blog, which had exactly the effect I was hoping. It made all my plans "official." Since I mentioned I was writing a Friday Night Lights spec, I had to follow through. And now, just six days after beginning the teaser, I am into act five. yay! I fervently hope that it's not all crap, but I think that there must be at least some non-crap in there. This blog also got some people interested in it and asking me about it...and having people check up on you can be a great motivation.

I'll let ya know when I officially finish, and how I'm doing with revisions.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog. It serves two functions: it's perfect if you want to internet-stalk me beyond the limits of facebook, or if you want to know what it's like when someone graduates from college and attempts to become a writer in Hollywood. This will be an absolutely biased blog, but I will try my best to write only about TV writing, the job search, etc., and not lament about things like my impressive ability to gain eight pounds in a single weekend.

So here's where I am right now: In the computer lab in Williams Hall. Did you know you can still use it, plus IC's outdoor pool and fitness center even after you've graduated? It's fabulous. As for where I am in my career, I am living out my lease in Ithaca and working at Hollywood Video.'s minimum wage but free rentals and no smelling like fried food! I'm hoping that I can try to pay off some credit card debt (thanks, four unpaid internships) and bank some money before moving to LA in August. Yes, I'm moving to LA. I kidded myself for a while that I could make it in NY, and I actually did have an interview at the International Academy of TV Arts & Sciences and an offer of one at Norman Twain Productions, but I know that if I really want to be on a path toward writing professionally, I need to be in LA.

My basic plan: get a job as a development assistant, writer's assistant or PA and write on the side, while getting to know the people who can make things happen if they like my writing. I did apply for a couple other kinds of programs...the Action program at working title films in London, the ABC Production Associates Program in LA and the Emmy Internship Program (TV Scriptwriting category) in LA. I got rejected by all of them. I've been told by several people not to apply for jobs in LA until I get there, so I'm holding off. I do keep up with certain job websites such as,,, but I have learned that you rarely get an interview from these things. (I did get two in NY based on them...but I don't think LA is quite as reliant.) Generally, it's knowing people. So I'm counting on alumni, the staff of the Pendleton Center and old internship bosses to help me out. I think I'll be okay. I just have to sit tight until I get there.

Meanwhile, I am going to try to finish my spec of Friday Night Lights (watch it on if you haven't!) by July 1 so I can apply for the ABC writing fellowship. Keep in touch with IC kids, for sure - I got access to scripts from one, and I just found out another works directly under the person in charge of the fellowship program. I'm not really guessing I have a shot at getting paid $50k a year to write if I couldn't even be an Emmy writing intern ($3k/6 weeks) or an ABC production associate ($25k/year) but having the deadline above my head is a good motivator, and even if I don't get accepted I will still have a viable spec I can start showing to people. I may also apply for the NBC Page Program when I get out there after having heard good things from an IC '06 alum currently in it - and working with their TV programs.

Speaking of NBC shows, I did get a call this week from Heroes after having applied for an Office PA position through an IC alum back in late May. The Production Secretary started interviewing me over the phone but then stopped when he found out I was not in LA yet (point proven). Apparently they had already staffed up but were looking for a temp for this week. Damn...I'm trying not to be disappointed since I would have been looking for a job again in 4 days, but it's HEROES!

Anyway, come back for updates on my spec, my job search, my trip to LA, my not-so-epic journey to becoming a TV writer in Hollywood.